Windows Server 2008 RTM is avaliable

A Microsoft finalizou seu novo sistema operacional para servidores ontem (05/02/2008). Conforme abaixo:
We are pleased to announce that Windows Server 2008 has been Released to Manufacturing (RTM). Thanks to you, our dedicated beta participants, this is the most tested version of Windows Server ever released!!

Windows Server 2008 has an array of new features and technologies that are too numerous to list completely, but some of the highlights are:

I       * Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 – next gen web and app platform

        * Server Core – key roles, low footprint, no GUI

        * Terminal Services Gateway – access your apps without a RAS client

        * Network Access Protection – keep your network safe from un-healthy clients

        * PowerShell – powerful scripting tools for admins

        * Failover Clustering – improved cluster management, security, and stability

        * Next Generation Net Stack – fast and reliable

        * Server Manager – setup & manage server roles and features in one place

        * Read-Only Domain Controller – safe branch office DCs

        * Hyper-V Beta – server virtualization. Hyper-V RTM in 180 days

As these are RTM images and not beta, please note the following:

       We are not providing any keys. Beta keys will not activate the RTM images. We are not providing any support via the beta channels (newsgroups, email, etc.) for any issues you encounter. We are not soliciting bug reports as the beta is finished and the product is final. Bug reporting will soon be disabled until our next beta begins. These images will only be on Connect for 30 days. If you wish to keep a permanent copy you must download and save them locally. The following images are available for download. For additional downloads, please visit the downloads section on Connect.

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